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Brothers, Mark & Stephen Colaio, along with their brother in- law, Thomas Pedicini, were inseparable in life and in death

And while it has  been nearly a decade since they were tragically taken away from this world after the 911 attacks, the trio continue to do what they always did best in the living years-touching the lives of others. Recently, our daughter, Katelyn, was the recipient of the Colaio/Pedicini  Memorial Foundation Scholarship. It is a college tuition  award which is  given to Hicksville High School students who personify the outstanding character traits of these men. While the timing of such an award couldn’t be more impeccable during these rough times, our gratitude lies much deeper than financial appreciation. The fact that our daughter was chosen for such a distinct honor hasn’t only made us extremely proud; it connected our family to an important legacy that will always shine bright in the town of Hicksville.

While Mark, Stephen and Thomas all had different personalities their common denominator was clearly their hearts which spilled into the lives of anyone who was lucky enough to know them.  In many ways they were cut from the same cloth as they possessed the special qualities most of us yearn for in life. Each was strikingly handsome, witty and fun to be around which had people seeking their company and anyone who was able to forge a relationship with them were better off because of it.

After Mark had carved out a prominent career in the business world on Wall Street it was only natural for him to eventually include his brother and brother in- law. Both were able to find healthy niches in that sector before that fateful day. Yet none of them would ever let success infringe on their sense of family or eclipse the kindness which defined them as individuals. It just wasn’t their way.

Jean Colaio Steinbach, sister of Mark and Stephen along with Pam Morace (Pedicini), who were in attendance for the award ceremony later reflected on their brother’s legacies. “Mark was so generous and would always extend that to everyone he knew. He would coordinate gatherings for family and friends at his home in Montauk. Stephen had an uncanny ability to light up a room with his sheer presence and warmth. His sense of humor was great and he used it constantly. They had a unique gift in making people feel comfortable and welcomed. I miss them all the time” stated Jean. “Thomas was a self-starter who was never afraid to jump in head first when it came to challenging himself. He actually taught himself how to play the guitar which became a passion for him. It was terrible. Things were going really well for them when all this happened. We were all very close,” said Pam.  Her sister, June, was married to Mark and was left with two young children who are now 11 and 13 yrs old.  A street near the Tribeca area of Manhattan where the family resided has since been renamed “Colaio Way” in their honor.

Although the pain from such a tragic loss never  goes away, perhaps the families can take solace in all the good that the Colaio/Pedicini Foundation has provided to Hicksville students over the years. As Katelyn was posing for pictures with Jean and Pam outside the auditorium, there was a powerful presence that could be felt. It was a great example of good people staying alive, even after they are gone.

The Studio Dance & Pilates is proud to be a contributor and sponsor of this foundation.

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